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"Stay behind me. Run if I say so," he told Katherine. The sword was transforming itself as they spoke, light emerging magically from the blade. The glow lit their way.

dem coin flippin’ moves


There was this random little girl on the carousel who picked a horse right next to Jacks. 
Look how she was looking at Jack.
I… just. 


((ooc: made for nose-nippin-fun, who was dubbed “the queen of roleplaying” earlier tonight. ))


got back from seeing “Star Trek” (with the wonderful nose-nippin-fun!) and, as if I wasn’t fan-girling enough about Captain Jack Kirk, I go and  find this out! Christ Pine is gonna be Rapunzel’s Prince in “Into the Woods?!” JACKUNZEL IS GONNA BE A THING! :D but then I wondered what Jack, Rapunzel, and poor Flynn would think…


I remember the first time I heard the word Benne i thought someone had misspelled penne like penne pasta and that just gave me the mental image of Jack and Jamie eating pasta and slapping each other in the faces with noodles like complete dorks.

Now I know what Benne is and I gotta say i’m lAU GHING


This can be Bennefrost or not, it depends on your imagination

but ye






That moment when Hit the Road Jack comes on the radio and you get RotG feels. 

One year later and it’s still relevant.

((Nah bro, just think of how cute it would be if Jack was hanging out with the other Guardians and they were gonna go somewhere together, and one of them turns to him and says “let’s hit the road Jack,” and gives that phrase a whole new meaning.))

Except that’s not how the song works. ;n;

((Thus why the meaning would be altered. It would go from shunning him to including him.))

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