With Great Power Comes Great Fun Times~
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The cute bennefrost drawing got me in the mood to draw so I did the thing

Based out a little ask RP I had with theforeverbeliever. Don’t ask me what hands are though, cause I don’t even know. I’m also testing out a new pencil brush, so the lineart looks completely different. ; v ;

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((Jack hair’s back~))

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((I want an anime where the protagonist is so late for school, they don’t even have time to toast their bread.))

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the feeling is very strong people, I gotta let it go, so, have some Koz and his precious baby daughter

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ballerina toothiana

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I didn’t even try to love you, it just happened.

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((My chest binder arrived, and it fits! It’s a bit snug, but I suppose it has to be to work. My dad said he doesn’t understand, and it’ll be awkward having people try to reason why I’m a “girl” with a flat chest, but this is what I’ve wanted, so I’ll just have to get used to it.))

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((Every time I see two butterflies together, I always wonder if they’re sharing a romantic flight, or if they’re epically dueling for dominance.))