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It is physically painful to suppress my laughter~

((as I sit here scrolling through jaaaaaaaaaackfrost’s blog. Holy Manny in the moon, I’m sitting here in public losing. my. shit. over these posts! I don’t even care if some of it’s OOC, they win all the awards for entertaining me this thoroughly XD It is now my deepest wish to inspire one of their posts. It would truly be the highest of all honors.))

1:40pm · Monday, April 22nd, 2013 · 6 notes
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  1. jaclcfrost said: a aaaaa friend i’m sorry i put you in physical pain bUT i’m glad i can entertain you ;v;
  2. velocitrus-inactive said: cRIES I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I absolutely love jaaaaaaaaaackfrost’s posts
  3. nose-nippin-fun posted this
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